Cellulose Insulation


Comfort All Year

Greenfiber keeps your home cooler in the summer² and warmer in the winter. Our cellulose insulation is so effective, it can cut your energy bill significantly. And we think you can come up with better ways to spend your money than blowing it out into the air.

Control Over Noise

Where air flows, sound follows. But because Greenfiber is so much denser than fiberglass and blown in to fill every space, it provides “superior noise transfer reduction” through floors and walls, which is a technical way of saying it does a great job of blocking sound — including the garage band next door.

Resistance To Fire

When every second counts, Greenfiber can give you more time to escape. With a Class fire rating, Greenfiber is 57% better at resisting fire than other types of insulation. Other forms of insulation don’t contain active fire-resistant materials. In addition, its density, which is two to three times greater than fiberglass, gives it more fire-blocking capability. In a large-scale fire test, Greenfiber lasted 68 minutes — 60% longer than fiberglass — making Greenfiber the best choice to protect the people you love.

85% Recycled Materials

We use 85% recycled material that’s free from unhealthy substances like formaldehyde and asbestos. In addition, we use just one-fifth the energy to manufacture Greenfiber as that used to make competing insulation products.


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